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Rome total war 2 steam key free

Rome total war 2 steam key free

Join the fun, don't miss out. Dispensary talking games has always been fun.

Sniper headshots do not cause critical hits, but are tripled in damage, meaning this stacks with the critical damage caused by Merasmus being stunned or using his Bominomicon attack to nine times normal damage.

Spy weapons are always tripled in damage, and, again, this stacks with critical hits.

Backstabs cannot be triggered. The Dragon's Fury does not require Merasmus to be on fire to deal its boosted damage Strategy Main article: Merasmus match-ups A simple strategy is to use the Sniper 's Huntsman or Fortified Compound which will deal a total maximum of damage upon headshot to Merasmus while he is stunned or spreading bombs across the map.

A fully charged Sniper Rifle will do damage with a fully charged headshot, but will take longer to charge than the Huntsman, making it inconvenient because of Merasmus's teleportation.


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