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Resident evil 2 remake green key

Resident evil 2 remake green key

These keys can be found hidden throughout the police station, though certain ones can only be found by a specific character.

Resident evil 2 remake green key

To find the spade key, head toward the West Storage Room on the third floor 3F. Go toward the locker at the end of the hall and turn into the adjacent room to find the spade key on top the desk beside a statuette.

Before you can search for the diamond key, you must first obtain all three goddess statue medallions to reach the underground area. The diamond key is located within the morgue beneath the police station.

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Once you have the medallions, make your way down to the morgue and open the drawers. The diamond key will be on one of the zombie corpses.

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You can find the heart key once Claire comes up the elevator from the parking lot. The heart key is inside the Lovers Relief frame on a desk in the back room.

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Examine the frame to find the key. Like the diamond key, you will also need to have found all three goddess statue medallions first before you can find the club key.

This key is located in the Boiler Room on the first floor 1Fwhich you can find once you have explored the facility beneath the police station. The key is taped on the dry erase board.

To find the sewer key, continue through the passages to the west of the Lower Waterway and use the T-Bar Handle to open a gate at the bottom of some steps. Continue along the walkway to find the sewer key hanging on the board above the dimly lit desk.

Resident evil 2 remake green key

Check out our separate guide for a more detailed walkthrough on how to find the sewer key in Resident Evil 2. Once you have found all of the keys in Resident Evil 2, you will be able to unlock and access certain rooms within the police station.

Be sure to check out some of our other Resident Evil 2 guides for more gameplay tips and tutorials, including all safe and dial codes in Resident Evil 2. Prima Games Newsletter Hear about the latest guides, exclusive content, and amazing offers!

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